Chantilly. The name speaks volumes. Like its creamy edible counterpart, Chantilly has two components: a soft, flowing exterior sustained by a rigid inner frame that rises to a flat leather-clad top. The satin upholstery is deliberately loose fitting. It flounces and cascades, soft and inviting, its folds highlighting the fabric’s sheen. The high back of this circular settee supports the nape of the neck – a cervical cushion reminiscent of 19th century models but without their rigidity and severity. Chantilly is the epitome of softness and sensuality, conjuring up a riot of images. Effortless folds and elegant sheen recall gowns by Valentino or Madeleine Vionnet; its voluptuous outline reminiscent of the curvaceous silhouette of Marilyn Monroe. Like lavish fashion, it triggers many a flight of fantasy. Like its name though, Chantilly also evokes the very physical sense of taste that captures perfectly the all-pervading materiality of Sempé’s new upholstered creation. Chantilly is the first creation to abandon respectable prêt-a-porter elegance for a stunning evening dress or slinky silk negligee – for comfort’s sake, but especially to seduce. Its assertive presence earmarks Chantilly as the centrepiece of any environment.


Softly woven, it resembles a large nest that also holds many people – lying down, sitting or curled up – who can also crawl inside the weave to feel even more protected. With no frame, it consists of 90 meters of tubular velvet filled with flexible and breathable polyurethane chips, knotted with extreme manual expertise to form a large irregular weave. Upholstery in velvet only.

Cosmo Massage Chair

Czerwiec 5, 2010

The design teams at Keyton and Giugiaro Design have pooled their talent to predict the future of massage chairs and have come up with the amazing Cosmo. The experience gained over more than 20 years, developing the most sophisticated and exclusive products for companies such as Fiat Engineering, Bridgestone, Fiera di Milano, LG Electronics, JVC, Nikon, Siemens, Samsonite, Seiko and Telecom, to name but a few, has culminated in this latest work of art in the world of massage chairs… the Keyton Cosmo. This model’s style combines the sense of harmony provided by its curved arms with a sportier look, creating a unique elegance that satisfies even the most demanding customers. The curved lines of the backrest, continuing the flowing lines of the curved arms, give a feeling of maximum comfort and visual beauty. The combination of colours, the finest grain leather and textured finishes provide the ideal finishing touches to this massage chair, which since its conception has become a real technological gem.

Christopher Guy

Czerwiec 5, 2010

60-0255 Sofa

The dramatic sweeping curved back of this cala-lily inspired piece lends it the sophistication of a chaise with the comfort of a sofa, while the Chris-X feet symbolize Christopher Guy’s unmistakeable signature of elegance and glamour.

Podere Kitchen

Kwiecień 17, 2010

 The quality of Copat kitchens is not just a simple phrase, but a precise way of being and doing. Quality means using prestigious materials, designing with advanced functions and reliability in mind, producing in compliance with high standards. It is the overall high quality of Copat kitchens that makes it easy to “guarantee 10 years”.

Archipel Sofa

Kwiecień 17, 2010

 Drifting islands, boulders in the river with adjustable parts. The elements of Archipel sit in your living room like giant rocks. Their craggy shapes offer countless sitting and reclining options, all provided with the right support thanks to the adjustable back sections (option). The footstool is available in three variants: storage footstool, seat footstool or flexible footstool with a rotatable tabletop. The matching lounge table is fitted with a glass top.

Morena Sofa

Kwiecień 17, 2010

Design: Stefan Heiliger, 2010. Sculptural form melting towards the floor. This collection is striking “melting” forms ensure that the elements flow into one another and create a truly convincing look. Combining several elements offers many options, helped by the oblique flowing lines that fit perfectly over one another whenever the elements are pushed together. Majestic in leather, warm and vivacious in fabric coverings.