’09 a viable year for furniture industry

Styczeń 5, 2009

GAMU, Isabela—A regional export official remains upbeat that the flourishing wood industry in Cagayan Valley will continue to be the top-grosser and most viable line of venture for local exporters in 2009.

Gamu Mayor Fernando Cumigad, Philippine Exporters Confederation of the Philippines-Cagayan Valley chapter president, said that despite the renewed drive of the provincial government against illegal logging, the furniture industry can still thrive, owing to the region’s rich forest resources and vast wood plantation areas.

Cumigad said that the wood industry has been providing steady jobs for about 20,000 local carpenters, wood carvers, sawmill personnel, painters, warehouse men, helpers and delivery truck drivers in the region.

The wood furniture traders in the region have been banking primarily on the local market and not much on exports for other countries, owing to lack of financial capability and modern equipment.

Noting that the indirect exports of wood industry products from the region have been coursed through seasoned exporters in Metro Manila, Cumigad said that this was due to the lack of finances and sustained source of preferred wood species due to strict environment policies.

He said that the region’s wood manufacturers would still need more facilities for wood processing to meet the growing demands of the business. Most traders have been borrowing money from government and private banks, as well as other lending institutions to finance their businesses, he added.

Cumigad, overall consultant of Santo Niño Furniture and Sash Factory based in the town, said that manufacturers have been venturing into other types of wood to make their business afloat, setting aside the government-banned narra species. Cumigad’s family owns the establishment.

Tree plantation areas, approved and supervised by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, have been providing raw materials to wood processors.





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