Convertible sofa-bed mechanisms

Styczeń 23, 2009

SEDAC-MERAL is part of the MECASEAT group which deals in four different industrial sectors : manufacturing of convertible beds mechanisms, plastic coatings, panels and furniture, and bedding. Those activities are all located in Europe and have generated a total turnover of 260 millions EURO.

The name, SEDAC-MERAL was born from the bringing together of the two companies, SEDAC and MERAL in 1988. The group has therefore become the European leader in the manufacturing of sofa beds and convertible beds mechanisms.
Those sisters companies where already highly implicated in their activities for more than 15 years, which is translated today by a technical know-how and a notoriety that is not easy to find.

SEDAC is located in Belgium and occupies a covered area of 45000 m2. MERAL is situated in the west of France and produces in a 31000m2 warehouse.

SEDAC-MERAL employs about 500 people and realised 87 millions EURO of turnover.
The base of our industry is the work of the steel tube and steel band which are the main components of our products. Our factories are widely automated and our production capacity exceeds 6000 mechanics per day.

SEDAC and MERAL benefit from the assistance and the competence of SEDAC TECHNICS, which has a lay out of engineering departments, conception and manufacturing of special machinery which allows us to have a product, a productivity and a quality that are in constant evolution

The quality of our products, our short delivery time and our geographic presence materialised by a network of 60 agents in more than 60 countries are the base of the satisfaction and fidelity of our customers.



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