Outer Limits Furniture

Luty 22, 2009

Outer Limits Furniture, is a 20 year old custom upholstered furniture design company whose cutting edge designs successfully represents the epitome of true + pure modern American furniture design. It is rare today to have a successful manufacturing company founded and completely run by its designers. Owner-Designers, Mike + Tricia Bellocchio first ventured into the furniture industry 25 years ago when as antique dealers, they started to refurbish original Mid-Century furniture for their Hollywood clientele. That profound experience coupled with ongoing encouragement from their loyal customers, provided the fundamental foundation + inspiration for them to create their own one-of-a-kind furniture designs in their California studio. The goal was for every piece to harmoniously blend, new artistic values with “old world” skilled craftsmanship. That original philosophy has transcended from their expansive early repertoire to their new cutting edge collections can be found in many commercial + interior design applications including nightclubs, day spas, coffee houses, as well as prominent upscale homes.
Today the company, with a clientele of over 300 Designers and many prominent retail stores throughout North America, has garnished a trusted reputation as well as meaningful recognition as among the country’s top preeminent purveyors of the „West Coast modern look” which has captured the imagination of upscale homes, modern retailers, Hollywood celebrities and commercial venues. Their furniture is in many casino and hotels such as Ceasars Palace, The W, MGM Mirage, Shorty’s, La Bella Sera Hotel and suites The Westin Hotels to name a few. OL is currently gracing the creative offices of MTV and Disney Studios, can be seen on HBO’s „The Sopranos” and has been featured on numerous Home & Garden Television programs as well as in many advertising campaigns for such programs as „Jay Leno”, ” Will & Grace” + „Suddenly Susan” with Brooke Shields. The company showcases its new lines twice a year at their permanent showroom at 220 Elm suite 311 High point, North Carolina. And twice a year at their new showroom at the World Market Center building B Suite 0628 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


ciekawostki meblowe____ wood – furniture.biz: Outer Limits Furniture



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