Nicole Miller Furniture

Luty 24, 2009

Nicole Miller is an icon in the world of fashion. A principal of America’s design elite, her following is celebrity-driven and far-reaching thanks to her ability to continually create beautiful clothes that imbue an individual sense of style.
Ever since she exploded on the fashion scene more than two decades ago with her signature “little black dress,” Miller has inspired design revolutions. Now, she brings that revolution home, with an exquisite line of furnishings produced in Italy by expert craftsmen. Just like her beautifully cut garments highlighted by exquisitely drawn prints, Miller’s design aesthetic — contemporary flair meets classic style —inspires her collection of furnishings for the home. Like the “little black dress” that launched Nicole Miller’s career, her furniture collection is marked by the kind of iconic design elements one would expect to find in haute couture for the home. Here, form meets function in leggy and graceful silhouettes worthy of any runway.
The beauty of the Nicole Miller Collection is its ability to dress every room in fresh, new style. Whether you are looking to furnish the living room, dining room, bedroom or an entire home, the watchwords here are quality, detail, and head-turning design that are both beautiful and easy to live with. „I have a passion for the contemporary, but while I’m always looking forward, I stay away from obvious trends. I’ve always designed for what was lacking in my closet, and it’s wonderful to be able to apply this vision to the home and how I want to live.”
Reflecting a distinct point of view, the Nicole Miller Collection enables you to express your individual style with exclusive fabrics, distinctive finishes, and exotic veneers, all developed under the watchful eye of one of America’s greatest designers. The Nicole Miller Collection: designs created to stand the test of time…fashionably.

ciekawostki meblowe____ wood – Nicole Miller Furniture



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