Selva Furniture

Marzec 6, 2009

For nearly forty years now, the name Selva has been a trademark for the pinnacle of creativity, unique variety, and fantastic quality.  To reach that point, it has been the very special interplay of tradition and innovation that provides the very particular Selva touch. 
Tradition means that we are absolutely committed to the classic virtues.  And throughout the world, that has made us an appreciated and reliable partner.
What inspires us is the love of people. Because we do not just want to build furniture – we want to create an environment in which people are happy. These efforts motivate us again and again with new ideas.  Ideas with which we want to generate new creative forces for the lifestyle of the unfolding millennium. 
The name Selva stands for a cosmopolitan sense of living and multicultural thinking. Inspirations from all eras and cultures are melded together by us into new and exclusive ideas.  Our varied product line opens up the possibility for all those in search of something special to custom-design their own world. A world that stands above all trends.  A world in which the love of timeless beauty reigns.



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