Simply Amish

Marzec 9, 2009

Many Styles. One Standard. Amish isn’t a style. It’s a standard of excellence—desired by many and practiced by a very rare few. It’s in the fine details of solid wood drawers, hand-finished, inside and out. It’s in the skill of genuine Amish craftsmen, passed down from one generation to the next. But most of all, it’s in the beauty of America’s richest hardwoods, hand-finished in a thousand different styles—from country pie safes that are the hallmark of Americana to contemporary designs that say, „Move over Herman Miller, the Amish are in the house.”


One Response to “Simply Amish”

  1. Missy Drake Says:

    Amish do i great job on there Furniture there is a store near by and its allways fun to stop in and take a look i love it all… Missy


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