Sklar Peppler Furniture

Marzec 9, 2009

Next time you sit down on a Sklar Peppler sofa, here’s something to consider; the true measure of a great piece of furniture is the work that goes into it and the thinking behind it. We can tell you that every one of our sofas is the inspired result of over sixty years of experience in making fine furniture. It’s the result of constant refinement, technological advances in manufacturing and a strong belief in the virtues of old world craftsmanship. Take a closer look at a Sklar Peppler sofa and you’ll see what we mean. There’s an attention to detail, to the fine points of construction, design and tailoring that set it apart from furniture of similar value. What you can’t see is how it’s built – but we can help you with that. A great sofa starts with a strong frame – in our case, strong enough to last for years to come. We make our own high performance frames, combining state-of-the-art machinery with traditional furniture-making techniques. Each frame is constructed with Engineered Hardwood – a material which because of its absolute uniformity, actually improves upon nature. Unlike natural wood, Engineered Hardwood will not split, crack or warp. High moisture content can really damage a frame. That’s why we kiln dry our Engineered Hardwood to less than 5% moisture content vs. 15% in standard wood frames. The actual construction is yet another opportunity to reinforce the overall strength. Sklar Peppler uses a unique interlocking frame construction with every Mortise and Tenon joint glued and fastened for extra strength and durability. No wonder our frames come with a lifetime warranty.



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