Marzec 22, 2009

TerraSur is a new company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of furniture of exquisite craftsmanship.
Nestled in the town of San Jeronimo in the sprawling, fertile Pampas of northern Argentina, our partner factory has nearly two decades of furniture making experience. Many of the workers and artisans employed at the factory can trace their craft to their great-grandparents, some of whom settled in San Jeronimo in the 1800s from Switzerland and other countries of Europe. Our partners also have strong product development capabilities and a keen appreciation of furniture design and aesthetics.
Our timeless designs have a distinct South American flavor with European roots. The wood species we use are known for their beautiful grains and patterns. Hand painted and multi-layered handcrafted finishes are applied to highlight the beauty of the solid woods and to endure the test of time Respecting our planet is one of our highest priorities. TerraSur furniture is made in a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified factory, but much more needs to be done to achieve even modest levels of sustainability. We have a program in place to gradually transition our production to deeper levels of sustainability, including extensive use of FSC certified woods, low or zero VOC finishes, green packaging with less waste, energy saving manufacturing processes, and collaborative projects with local suppliers and the communities where we do business.





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