Wysen Industry

Marzec 23, 2009

Wysen Chair was founded in 1998 by MR Kenny Low in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia. We supply „chairs and chair-frames” for offices, restaurants, cafes, hotels and conference halls, to chair-upholsterers and chair-wholesalers. Besides our existing items, we also welcome clients’ exclusive designs.  
Our total production capacity is about 5,000 chairs per month for wood-laminated frames and 5000 chairs per month for metal-wood combination products. We export the chair-frames to the United Kingdom. We had planned to export our products to Middle East, China, Hong Kong, USA, as well as Asia Pacific. Our delivery time is 2-4 weeks for most orders. You are welcome to our exciting homepage to enjoy our unique items. However, our items in our homepage is only a little part of our product line. Please contact us if you need further clarification.





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