Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth & Directional

Marzec 24, 2009

Discover what many successful designers already know – – that Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth & Directional is the jewel of the home furnishings industry and one of its best-kept secrets. The companies have been quietly hand-crafting custom pieces in North Carolina for more than 100 years, one piece at a time. Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth & Directional are aligned with the most esteemed group of designers in the industry including Barry Dixon, Larry Laslo, Michael Wolk, Vladimir Kagan, Rob Jones, Diane Grande, Denis McCullough, and Nancy Barnett. Even with this stellar group of designers, the most important designer is you. Each Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth & Directional piece is custom made to your specifications. Known for its exquisite knowledge of pitch and comfort seating, Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth & Directional puts the „wow” into designs with its stunning detailing – multiple fabrics, cords, fringes and other decorative treatments. Special requests are standard operating procedure – need a deeper sofa for your ballplayer client? No problem, as each piece is made exactly to your specifications. There is a broad range of styles from traditional/transitional pieces from Tomlinson and Erwin-Lambeth to the contemporary offerings of Directional. Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth & Directional always exceeds expectations. Its seat construction standards are the highest you will find. The quality is exceptional. The average employee has been with the companies for more than 21 years so the craftsmanship is superb. Perhaps what is most unique, however, is the personal relationship with customers. Each customer is a friend and is treated as such. It’s a tradition started by Katharine Lambeth and continues today with her son Rod Lambeth, CEO of the companies. Each customer is warmly welcomed into the showroom and shown the highest in Southern hospitality. It’s business as it should be done. The Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth & Directional showroom is open to the trade each weekday from 9:30 am to 5 pm. The 16,000 sq foot freestanding showroom at 525 North Wrenn Street in the Hamilton Wrenn Design District. A rich history of high standards, made domestically, shipped expediently, exquisite tailoring and with the utmost in comfort and design, Tomlinson, Erwin-Lambeth & Directional is a unique resource in today’s culture.



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