Union City Mirror and Table

Marzec 27, 2009

French Provincial Furniture Since 1921 . Union City Mirror & Table Company is the World’s oldest manufacturer and importer of French Provincial living rooms, dining rooms, mirrors, tables, consoles, etageres, wine racks, accessories and capo-di-monte lamps. Each piece is hand crafted by our artisans following the same processes as the old world craftsmen of days gone by. Choose from our wide variety of flawlessly made French Provincial designs . Our imported living rooms are made of kiln dried solid beech wood, hand carved, hand finished and self decked. You can choose from more than 40 internationally manufactured fabrics and a variety of finishes to personalize your Italian made living room. If time is an issue you can select from more that fifteen living room groups that are all ready upholstered and finished in the most popular fabrics and colors.





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