South Sea Rattan

Marzec 28, 2009

South Sea Wicker & Rattan Furniture Company has been offering a stylish alternative in casual home furnishings since 1984. Wicker, although a classic, natural material with centuries of history, works well for the furniture buyer who wants a home reflecting the feel of casual elegance. Wicker furniture offers comfort, versatility and livability. It mixes well with upholstered pieces, providing texture and nature to the home environment, patio, or sunroom. The South Sea Wicker & Rattan Collection offers an extensive variety of both indoor, outdoor, and patio furniture and accessories in a variety of styles and design. Most wicker and rattan furniture originates from Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines and China) and is manufactured by hand. After import the product is carefully inspected before assembly and finished in the United States. All material used in the assembly process are U.S. made. Our fabrics are from North & South Carolina mills and all cushions, covering and upholstery are both done here at our North Carolina facility.
Rattan is a vine that grows in the tropical forests of the Far East. Growing hundreds of feet in length, it is one of nature’s strongest materials. It will not splinter or break and is ideal for making furniture. Once molded, solid rattan retains its contours permanently. Peel, is the outer skin of the rattan pole and traditionally is used to wrap joints. Wicker refers to products that are made from reed, cane, rush, willow or other natural materials. When wet, these materials are pliable enough to be woven. Wicker and Rattan are natural products with each piece having its own individual, unique qualities. When stained there will be slight differences in hue and color of the wicker furniture and this is part of the beauty of owning a product made from nature.
Outdoor , Patio, and Garden – Whether you are building a new sunroom, patio, or garden South Sea Wicker and Rattan Furniture has the perfect style for you. South Sea Wicker & Rattan Furniture Co. is located in southwest Greensboro, North Carolina. Feel free to contact us for more information on authorized dealers in your area. South Sea Wicker & Rattan Furniture – Your source for quality patio, outdoor, wicker bedroom, and wicker furniture.



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