United Furniture Industries

Marzec 28, 2009

United Furniture Industries (UFI) was created in early 2000 thru the merger and acquisition under new ownership of three established companies. Comfort Furniture, Parkhill Furniture, and United Chair became UFI. The purpose was to create a company with the vision and the resources to become the industry style leader in upholstery and in the emerging internationally competitive marketplace. During the ensuing years UFI has had sustained controlled growth which has encompassed both plant acquisitions and plant expansions. Today United Furniture Industries employs in excess of 1,200 employees in approximately 2 million square feet of production facilities located in Amory, Hatley and Okolona, Mississippi; and Archdale and High Point, North Carolina. We have also opened free trade with relationships in Asia. Our mission is to drive and meet customer’s demands and needs, providing more for less. UFI now ships to all fifty states and internationally. Our product range covers vast choices in leather, selected performance fabrics such as micro suede and a complete line of upholstery options. We offer a large range of styles and designs from stationary to motion sofas and recliners, to meet all of our customers needs. Our goal is to provide exceptional value in our products with outstanding service. Thank you for your interest in United Furniture Industries products.




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