Anderson & Daishi

Kwiecień 1, 2009

Fueled by the sheer force of passion for furniture, Anderson & Daishi, Inc. is the final embodiment of my clear-cut vision of hand-crafting fine wood furniture of the highest quality that compliments the home of each individual client. Taking pride in old world traditions and the simplicity of nature, each exquisite hand-crafted piece is the final product of my never-ending inspiration. With the depletion of custom preferences, every piece we manufacture only serves to enhance the interior grandeur of your home. We promote international craftsmanship with all furniture carved and crafted by hand using only the finest American Alder wood, and hand-finishing all our products in our facilities based in Commerce, California, an industrial suburb of Los Angeles. Quality is of the utmost importance and we strive to provide satisfaction with our clientele. We offer a unique service in which clients are able to personally choose the color of the wood finish, upholstery, and the custom option of having their pieces waxed or distressed by hand to their liking. As long as traditions remain strong and there is an appreciation for the natural beauty of wood, Anderson & Daishi, Inc. will continue to manufacture fine furniture that can be shared with all generations. The sky’s the limit as to what we can do and we hope to continue to share our passion with you.



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