Kwiecień 2, 2009

Veneman was founded almost 40 years ago as a cast aluminum manufacturer in Southern California. Veneman has a strong history of transforming raw materials into unusually artful, yet comfortable, high quality and easy–to–maintain fine furniture. It is this legacy that sets Veneman furniture apart from much of the “mass market” furniture available to furniture retailers today. Veneman has maintained a strong tradition of design integrity and leadership that has been inspired by some of the most enduring and elegant design themes throughout history. In addition to cast aluminum, the range of materials used by Veneman designers and artisans include plantation–grown teak as well as all–weather wicker. In 2003, casual furniture veteran, Bill Markowitz and his business partner Tim Shannon, acquired Veneman from Tropitone Furniture Co., Inc. Since then Veneman has introduced 4 new collections and several extensions to the classic line of collections. In the Spring of 2005, 4 more collections will be introduced in High Point North Carolina. The Veneman Collections by the Veneman Group is a company of fine furniture designers and craftsman who passionately seek to create authentic quality furniture to enhance the pleasure of contemporary casual living. The Veneman Group is proud of the legacy and work that the skilled artisans and craftsman have built in the furniture industry. We are committed to creating products of exceptional quality and unique designs while keeping to our mantra that “the best and most desirable items are handcrafted from design to finish.”



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