W.Schillig L.P

Kwiecień 2, 2009

W.Schillig was established in 1949, starting as a small basketry. Based in Ebersdorf, Upper Franconia, the company has become one of today’s global players amongst the furniture branch and is one of Europe’s significant upholstery manufacturers. With over 1400 employees in four locations, 2000 suites are manufactured per week, and almost two million qm of leather and 200.000 m of fabric are processed yearly. With a fleet of over 30 trucks, goods are delivered to customers Europe-wide. Approx. 40% of production is exported, therefrom 15% overseas. The customer can choose from over 150 colours in the leather collection. Current trends are displayed in the large showroom at head office in Frohnlach and also in over 250 ‘W.Schillig studios’ at trading partners around Europe.




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