King Hickory Furniture

Kwiecień 3, 2009

King Hickory Furniture Company began manufacturing fine upholstered furniture in 1958 in Hickory, North Carolina. Hickory and the surrounding Catawba Valley area is world renowned for the manufacture of upholstered furniture. The close proximity of some of the finest Appalachian hardwoods influenced the location of the furniture manufacturing industry in this area.
A skilled workforce that takes much pride in building fine furniture has been an even greater reason for the establishment of the industry in the Hickory area. King Hickory has used two major assets in building its reputation over the years. The use of kiln-dried hardwoods with maple rails is the foundation of one of the best frames in the furniture business. King Hickory has been able to attract and keep some of the area’s finest craftsmen by offering its employees stock ownership in the form of an ESOP plan. This creates motivation and self-accountability within our organization. Many of these craftsmen have been with the company for more than a quarter century. Our seat springing system is 8-way hand tied, which is considered the benchmark in seating in all fine upholstery. The finest cushioning materials available are used to build excellent comfort. Fine fabrics and leathers from all over the world are offered in a wide assortment so that almost any look and color can be tailored to the customer’s taste and satisfaction. For more than 48 years we at King Hickory have been dedicated to building superior furniture possessing the elements of luxury, quality, and style. We have developed a distinctive collection of timeless upholstery and fine leather furniture which enhances the atmosphere of any setting. All King Hickory fabric and leather selections reflect our commitment to uncompromising excellence today and in the future King Hickory.

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