Kwiecień 6, 2009

ANTHON GmbH is specialized on complex machine- and plant systems for the panel processing industry. The main emphasis is put on panel sizing systems including feeding-, stacking and sorting systems for a variety of materials. Barrel making machines and wide belt sanding machines round off the product range. Additionally ANTHON delivers fully automatic, robots supported packing lines for the furniture industry.

Whoever invests in machinery and plant expects security and good service. For Anthon this has been priority since 1865. Long ago we achieved a fixed place at the top of the market with our sophisticated, customized solutions for the panel sizing industry. With pride we can now look at a worldwide established clientele. This covers all of the continents and nearly countries worldwide. However a rolling stone gathers no moss and so we aim to optimize our skills and increase our knowledge on a regular basis. Quality is not only a word for us, hightech not only a trend and experience more than an important factor of competence.

As a traditional family business we connect generations of experience with innovation, and mechanical engineering with high-tech state of the art software. We develop customized complex plants for panel sizing, handling systems for sanding lines and packing lines and barrel manufacturing equipment. Where preferred, it is possible for us to supply you with complete factory solution from one source as general contractor.



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