Kwiecień 6, 2009

HARDEN FURNITURE understands the importance of home and family. A family-owned and operated furniture company started in 1844, Harden Furniture has a legacy of fine furniture making deeply rooted in American craftsmanship, quality and tradition. By designing top quality furnishings, we strive to create the ultimate in comfort for your home and family.
The hallmark of all Harden Furniture is craftsmanship. Generations of talented people have contributed to the Harden legacy and continue to do so, honing their skills and training the next generation to continue the tradition of fine furniture building. Building on centuries of artistry and technical expertise has enabled Harden Furniture to not only survive, but thrive in very competitive economic environments. By blending old-world craftsmanship with modern technology, Harden has empowered individuals to increase the capabilities and productivity while streamlining efficiency and minimizing waste.
The employees at Harden Furniture are the company’s greatest asset, and their commitment to quality and continual improvement fuels the company’s growth and future potential.
Their dedication to fine craftsmanship and quality makes Harden Furniture what it is today.
A tradition of excellence is the defining feature of Harden Furniture. From beginning to end, consideration is given to ensuring that Harden not only meets, but exceeds, the expectations of our customers. That measure of quality has continued throughout five generations. Founded by Charles Harden in the mid-1800’s, Harden has been a cornerstone in the Central New York economy, today employing 400 local craftspeople. Headed by CEO Greg Harden, the company currently services the United States and Canada, but is expanding into international markets. Though focused on growth and expansion in the global economy, Harden’s commitment to the local community has always been, and continues to be a focal point. With certification from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Harden again testifies to its ongoing commitment to the environment. With more than 10,000 acres of managed woodlots, long-term sustainable forestry is the focal point of the company’s healthy status. An ample supply of top-quality, domestic wood species allows Harden to control costs. In order to ensure that furniture arrives in good condition, Harden has, for generations, maintained its own nationwide trucking fleet. By delivering directly to our dealers, we minimize the chance of damage during shipment by controlling all aspects of transportation, from the forest to your door…the tradition of excellence continues.




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