Nathan Anthony

Kwiecień 6, 2009

Take chances. Be colorful. Break the mold. When it comes to furniture design, Nathan Anthony believes in breaking the mold. Unleash that inner designer. Combine patterns, textures, shapes and colors they say don’t go together. Pshaw. Family owned and operated since 2003, the Nathan Anthony line was created to breathe life into a stale furniture industry dominated by big, corporate upholstery manufacturers. Our designs are fresh, drawing from nature, pop culture and, the all-too-important, playful sensibilities. Although we encourage playfulness in design, quality in construction is not spared. Frames are built the old-fashioned way – by hand, using heavy gauge steel springs, corner-blocked, doweled, glued, and upholstered on the bench. Careful attention to detail, balancing proportion with curves and lines – this makes for superb and long lasting furniture. The principals of Nathan Anthony have been manufacturing upholstered furniture out of the same location in Southern California since 1989.



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