Kwiecień 6, 2009

To achieve better quality control, Noir’s furniture is manufactured mainly from our own factory in China and Indonesia. All of Noir’s pieces are hand made of solid hard wood(birch, elm, mahogany). We select lumber from well-know suppliers, who guarantee their drying process specifically for export. On larger panels and backs, we use ply wood to minimize the risk of shrinking or even cracking. All finishes are hand applied and sanded repeatedly, then finished off with a lacquer top coat, or wax. While we take measures to protect our furniture from climate differnces in the U.S., Exposure to direct sunlight can cause warping or even cracking. Because of this, we strongly recommend, solid wood furniture should not be placed under direct sunlight. In our warehouse, we also carry a wide array of one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories.



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