Palatial Furniture

Kwiecień 6, 2009

Palatial Furniture is dedicated to offering the latest in styling, comfort and quality in leather furniture. With our broad selection of sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, settees, sleepers and sectionals, as well as wing chairs, lounge chairs, reclining chairs, storage ottomans and cocktail ottomans there is something for everyone’s taste. We sell top grain leather furniture with hand-rubbed, antiqued finishing, blend-down seating and 8-way hand-tied construction. The frames, springing system and cushions are all the top quality you would expect from a premium manufacturer. Our product line includes complete suites, with sofas, loveseats, chairs and ottomans. We have over 75 leathers available on nearly 200 different frame styles. Our furniture is sold through retailers throughout North America. If you are looking for one of our retailers, please use our online contact form to find one near you. In addition to the availability for retailers to order full mixed containers of our products we also offer many items that we warehouse in the United States. Our large warehouse program, “Premium Express”, offers the opportunity to get quick delivery on one piece or several pieces at a time. You may also place Special Orders through our retailers.



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