Schnadig Corporation

Kwiecień 7, 2009

Schnadig Corporation is one of the largest family-owned furniture manufacturers in the United States. Incorporated in 1952 by Lawrence K. Schnadig, this company has a solid foundation beginning with the inception of S. Karpen & Brothers, which was established in 1880, and International Furniture Company, which was founded at the turn of the twentieth century. Schnadig employs 350 people within one of the following facilities:

* Two manufacturing plants and distribution centers in California and in Mississippi,
* Schnadig Limited, a subsidiary in Hong Kong providing quality, logistics and warehousing services for Asian furniture production.
* The Corporate Headquarters, located in Des Plaines, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago
* The Sales, Marketing and Merchandising offices located in High Point, North Carolina.

The focus of our reputation is integrity, fashion, quality and value. Despite our size, we try to maintain an intimacy with each of our retailers and employees. Our customers and employees are considered members of the extended Schnadig family and are treated as such. We have maintained our warm relationships while building a successful business that is financially strong.

Our mission is to help consumers create beautiful homes through distinctive products and unique designs for bedroom, dining room and living room furnishings.



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