J.D. Young & Sons

Kwiecień 7, 2009

At J.D. Young & Sons our pieces are individually crafted and embrace our eclectic design and exquisite item and collection approach, ensuring that each piece stands on its own as a testament to timeless and enduring elegance. Each piece is meticulously crafted and hand-finished using multi-step methods. Our exquisite designs embrace our concept of carefully executed individual items and collections for unique homes. Our Differentiated Traditional pieces are crafted with exotic veneers and different materials that set them apart from others in the market. For example, we use distressed brass on the Warwick Collection that makes for a very different and very well received piece. There are many others as well. On the transitional side, we use exotic veneers and very clean design. You can see this with the Bennett and Milano Collections. In addition, we also have developed new contemporary pieces under the Fusion Collection. Embodying grace and elegance, our pieces are a welcome addition to the fine homes of today.
Current manufacturing trends are changing the nature of competition. Increasingly, discerning consumers and increased competition are forcing a shift in the basis of competition from one of predominately price to one of not only lower prices but also emphasis equally important on quality, delivery, reliability and more focused customer service. These competitive factors suite the operational capabilities of First Pacific Furniture and allow us to take advantage of these opportunities to the benefit of our customers.




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