Guy Chaddock & Company

Kwiecień 7, 2009

Guy Chaddock began restoring antiques and crafting one-of-a-kind reproductions more than 50 years ago. Later, as his reputation and clientele grew, a small group of European craftsmen joined the company and from this nucleus of skilled furniture makers a line of country French and country English home furnishings evolved. Many of the enduring designs created during these early years remain in the company product line and continue to be best sellers. Throughout the intervening years, the company has remained dedicated to the tradition of distinctive styling, old world craftsmanship, and the unique hand distressed finish, which have become the hallmarks of Guy Chaddock & Company products. Today, the current generation of master craftspeople still construct and finish each item to order, creating timeless heirloom quality home furnishings to be treasured through future generations.



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