Alfa Airbeds

Kwiecień 10, 2009

Alfa Airbeds was founded by Mr. Jeff Kao, an inventor and businessman, who wanted a better night’s sleep without having to pay outrageous prices. Using his knowledge of state-of-the-art mattress technology and experience in the furniture-manufacturing industry, he set out to make his vision come true. Founded in 2003 as a subdivision of Alfa International, Alfa Airbeds continues to provide and develop high-quality air mattresses at lower prices. Alfa International was originally founded in 1988. The company’s first priority has always been fulfilling the customers’ needs because that is in everyone’s best interest. We do not believe in glorifying every small feature to create a higher premium paid by the customer. Providing for worldwide consumers in a variety of industries, Alfa International supplies companies with goods, such as electronic and automotive test equipment and wooden furniture. These relationships have helped Alfa International develop technologies and processes for manufacturing better products. Our best efforts are passed on to our customers. Combining its experience in electronics and furniture, Alfa International continues to develop state-of-the-art wireless remotes, air pumps, air chambers, and a blend of foam and fabric materials that ultimately compose the Alfa Air Mattress system. Using in-home testing techniques as opposed to lab simulation techniques used by most other manufacturers, we are ensured that the Alfa Air Mattress provides the maximum comfort and support that is necessary for everyone to get a better night’s sleep every night.



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