Carolina Mattress Guild

Kwiecień 10, 2009

Located in historic Thomasville, North Carolina, Carolina Mattress Guild has been manufacturing some of the most comfortable and durable mattresses in the country since 1991. Each of our quality mattresses is handcrafted in our technologically advanced facility in Thomasville. Our craftsmen combine the newest construction techniques with the highest quality components to create superb mattress sets. People have always expected nothing less than the best in comfort and quality from Carolina Mattress Guild. And now they have a reason to sleep even more safe and sound. We’re proud to be the first major mattress producer to manufacture products that comply with the highest safety standards in the industry – without compromising comfort and style. At Carolina Mattress Guild, we’re committed to ensuring the quality of life you deserve. We invite you to experience for yourself the comfort, durability, style and safety of a CMG mattress.



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