Kwiecień 14, 2009

Lorts Manufacturing, founded in 1966 by Andrew Lorts, is a family owned and operated furniture manufacturing company. Lorts has seen three generations of family ownership and is committed to creating legendary furniture.
We will provide our customers with home furnishings in a manner that meets or exceeds their expectations in value, quality and service while maintaining a fair profit. We will provide this service in a way that the dignity and respect of Lorts’ customers, employees, vendors, and community is always pursued.
The success of Lorts Manufacturing is the responsibility of Lorts Manufacturing. Each stakeholder (employee, vendor, and customer in Lorts Manufacturing will understand what is expected of them for Lorts’ success and be given regular, deliberate feedback to gauge their progress in meeting those expectations. Every action of an employee of Lorts Manufacturing will not only be legal, but ethical to the best of their understanding. Lorts Manufacturing will continually measure and improve performance. Lorts Manufacturing will show respect for our environment, borrowing from a Boy Scout ideal, “Leave the campground cleaner than you found it.” Lorts Manufacturing understands that success comes with responsibility. As greater success is achieved, every stakeholder will benefit. Lorts Manufacturing believes that credibility is the key to every relationship. Our yes will mean yes and our no will mean no.




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