Kwiecień 19, 2009

Founded in 1964, FoaMasters International Ltd (“FoaMasters”) is a leading specialty manufacturer and producer of polyurethane flexible foam and related finished products in the Asia Pacific region. One of the pioneers in the flexible foam industry in China and Vietnam, it has accumulated rich experience in the polyurethane flexible foam industry over the last 40 years. FoaMasters continues to lead in the development of new formulations and resultant products (including more recently environmentally friendly foam products) over the last few years under a young and dynamic second generation management team who is focused on continuously improving manufacturing quality and processes. FoaMasters’ products are made primarily from blending polyols, diisocyanates and amines under stringent and systematic manufacturing processes. These processes are further enhanced using AUTOFoam, its self-designed automated foaming and cutting machines and JusTFoam®, its in-house developed end-to-end JIT/ERP manufacturing and production planning/management system. FoaMasters currently operates 7 factories in China (located in Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Heshan, Tangxia, Anji and Jiashan) and 2 in Vietnam (both in Ho Chi Minh City).



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