AKVA Waterbeds

Maj 6, 2009

Imagine if you could always fall asleep on a perfectly clean and temperature-controlled mattress – and wake refreshed after an effortless night’s sleep. A water mattress gently shapes itself to the contours of your body without putting pressure on your shoulders, neck or spine. In contrast to traditional mattress types, a water mattress evenly distributes the body’s weight so that regardless of sleeping position, you will not experience pressure on any exposed parts of the body. This is why we call it probably the best sleep in the world.
Lying comfortably gives the body the rest and energy it needs to function properly. It is common knowledge that both our well-being and performance are dependent on a good night’s sleep. In light of this, it might seem a little strange that there is no scientific evidence to inform us how best to lie in order to feel rejuvenated and ready to face a new day. Instead, Akva has contacted some of the people who have bought our waterbeds and who use them daily so they can confirm what a wondrous effect a waterbed has had on their general well-being. We think we have found some wonderful stories from the nine, randomly selected, European countries we visited. These stories confirm that the waterbed culture is an international phenomenon, while at the same time being an extremely personal choice. By allowing ordinary people to tell their stories and talk about their experience of lying on a waterbed, we hope we have provided you a little more knowledge about Akva’s waterbeds and waterbeds in general.



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