Atelier für Holzbau

Maj 6, 2009

We produce solid wood furniture from local woods like beech, maple, oak, elm or cherry. The surfaces can be oiled or painted. We very much also like to combine the respective wood tone with firm colors. You inform us about your ideas, we make a drawing and present a suggestion to you. Quite individual, valuable facilities are the result these withstand every trend.
We are a family-owned enterprise in the second generation. We can look back on a long tradition of the solid wood furnitures in the area of interior furnishings. Already in the seventies, we have started to make occassional furnitures or complete facilities in the private as well as in the commercial area according to the wishes of our customers.
We have great respect for our material, the wood in all possible variations. We work with this natural, various material with pleasure and regard it as a valuable natural product. Traditional wood architecture connected with modern design, this is our aim. We use predominantly local woods, natural varnishes and building-materials. We are a happy business and like to take color to your life. We are pleased if us from a tree-trunk, needed to be able to build something for growing perhaps 100 years, what, once again, just the same still even reaches for the people happily and perhaps a little longer this one.



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