Maj 6, 2009

BERTANIE™ is the latest of BDM + Furniture Inc. and specializes in the design, manufacturing and finishing of higher end Solid Wood Casual and Formal Dining Furniture. With its eleven factories and more than 681 employees, BERTANIE™ offers you the personalized touch of a cabinetmaker at a manufacturer’s price. When you choose BERTANIE™ furniture, you always make a wise choice. At BERTANIE™, attention to details is a constant concern. Quality of construction is as important to us as it is to you. Each piece of furniture is inspected and examined individually and leaves the factory only when it meets the highest standard of quality. BERTANIE™ furniture is made of solid North American birch, a type of wood known for its richness and its beauty. As for the sides of our buffets and hutches, they are made of plywood/birch veneers in order to enhance and strengthen the quality of your casegood. We at BERTANIE™ are wholly committed to highlighting the uniqueness of each piece of wood; this is why our sanding and finish processes are made by hand just like craftsmen do. As a result, the furniture you order is as unique as you are! In order to protect the natural beauty of your furniture against much of life’s wear and tear, every piece is treated with our special Bermaguard™ coating.



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