Polrey Furniture

Maj 6, 2009

A & C International S.A. de C.V. was conceived with the idea of reproducing these unique styles using new technology creating products that offer greater strengh, comfort and durability. A & C was the first in America to use the RIM system to manufacture furniture. Nowadays, it’s backed up by both French and italian technicians who offer their support and advise in the manufacturing process. Also important is the support of transnational suppliers that have become involved in each and every new development that our company initiates. We have the most complete and modern facilities in the western hemisphere with a covered surface of 150,000 square feet, where we manufacture french style furniture. We are proud of our 250 employees as well as of our technical support team at each of our different production stages. Here we manufacture all of our furniture from beginning to end, using an advanced production system combining wood, metal and polyurethane, to guarantee a greater resistance and durability giving it the elegance this style is meant to have. Each piece of furniture is finished and decorated by hand using a special treatment of patina to make it look antique. Any of our wide variety of models can be ordered in several finishes: cherry, walnut, gold, antique white or decorated antique white. We guarantee that with our modern system of production, and with the use of high quality materials, it we will eliminate problems with the finish due to drastic changes in temperature, humidity or outside exposure. The finish is resistant to most dissolving agents and vinegar. All of POL-REY’s products can be repaired or revarnished by making use of conventional materials. They can be cut, nailed, glued, sanded, or touched up using traditonial techniques and materials.
Our commitment to quality is backed up by a 10 year warranty on our products*. As a leading company in the market, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for us; therefore, our productive process undergoes a strict quality inspection in every step of it. We guarantee to provide the best quality and durability on our product, thus making it a true heirloom for generations to come.
The ability to custom-made your furniture with your choice of fabrics and finishes is what distinguishes Pol Rey from the pack. Our Made To Order program gives you the ability to chose among a vast selection of products with your favorite combinations of fabrics and finishes to make a true piece of furniture designed according to your taste.



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