SM Divani

Maj 6, 2009

To furnish the stay, true center of the domestic life, with taste elegance and versatilità, will be more and more simple with SM Divani, „the made in Italy sofas „, that character to all the atmosphere gives, from absolute protagonist. From the requirement of an unwrapped and, al same time, sophisticated practical dimension of the domestic atmosphere is born the new collection of SM Divani; divani and seats that to the occurrence and with little and simple gestures, become comfortable ready beds to give maximum moments relax.
Our sofas are constructed with handicraft cure, using only material of optimal quality, in order to offer to an infinite variety of solutions thoughts on measure for every atmosphere; the structure of our divani contraddistingue for the solidity since only constructed with wood first quality, which massello, fir etc, rigorously worked from artisan masters. Between the coverings, we preprefer the skin, in its variety of categories and colors, for its ability to be comfortable and to express all its beauty with passing of the years. The sockets in aluminum, then, it gives a touch of modernity also to the sofas from the more classic line. Our team of expert professionals of the furnishing, however, will follow to you in the choice of the shapes, of the sartoriali details, coverings and colors in order to favour every taste characterize them, creating for true You and own domestic architectures adapted to being, like a dress of sartoria, that is on measure for the customer.



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