Maj 12, 2009

Founded in the mid sixties, Giovannetti hit immediately the international attention with innovative and researched products, perfectly matching the experimental climate of those years, when new forms were being created and new ways were sought to satisfy the growing necessity of relaxing, meeting and conversing. This is the philosophy which gave birth to a series of projects – numerous those designed by Superstudio of Florence – which today may be found in the most precious art galleries and achieve astonishing figures at international auctions at Christie’s or Sotheby’s. First among all Anfibio (1970), a product which, born as a convertible sofa, fulfilling both functions of sofa and bed in a simple and poetic way; adds the sensuality and charisma of those who continue to interpret the people’s desires, today like yesterday. Anfibio enabled the commercial growth of the company (more than 31,000 pieces produced); moreover the cultural one, raising it to the Olympus of Art and Design by the assignment of a series of awards which made it being represented in the collections of the major museums of contemporary art in the world.
The global comparison has rewarded this choice, making it more conscious and leading Giovannetti to a production line characterized, since about 10 years, by furnishing solutions which redesign the domestic environment making it creative, personalized and free of any scheme: interpreters of this stage are the swivel chair Jetsons, the series of Flower chairs, the modular program Dune, the Table Wave, the new chair Love, and finally the conversation group Star. The fascinating aesthetic and formal research always have the aim to meet the needs of the customers, because to renew means first of all to respond to the desires to an always more heterogeneous and demanding public, to re-invent its pleasures, to improve the quality of life; thus explains the success of products such as Ancella, Roly-Poly, Gabbiano, Link, Giramondo. They represent the energy and vitality of a company which for 40 years has known how to conquer the clients heart, because Giovannetti… is made with love.



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