Maj 28, 2009

Our company was founded in 1976 out of the extensive artisan experience which has been gained by its owner and which has been evolved thanks to the collaboration with well known designers and use of advanced technology. The company currently expresses a unique combination of tradition and avantgarde techniques in its creation. The essence of each individual model lies in the balance achieved between constant research and innovation (with the use of technologically advanced structures) and fidelity to the ancient and precious heritage of artisan techniques. With the assistance of celebrated designers two collections has been created: the classic one, BORZALINO® with romantic shapes and wrapping lines, suitable also for young home and modern one, ATELIER MATTEO® with rich and elegant shapes as well as original technical solutions and valuable stitching. Collections in continual evolution that is always carried out utilising a production cycle that is carefully monitored by highly qualified personel throughot all its phases. The Quality of the product is guaranteed by a company Quality System, which is controlled and certified by means of company’s Certification of Conformity to UNI EN ISO 9001/2000. All the materials used in the realization of the products must be of high quality and in conformity to the CEE standards or to the regulations governing the country of exportation.



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