Czerwiec 6, 2009

Droog started in 1993, as a statement on design, a no-nonsense, down to earth design mentality opposed to the high style and form based world of design. In contrast, Droog proposed a highly conceptual approach, one captured by the Dutch word ‘droog’ meaning ‘dry’ or ‘wry’. This mentality has defined Droog as a conceptual design company over the last 16 years, and to a large extent, has defined Dutch design internationally.
Droog values what it means to be human, with subjectivity, notions of beauty and meaning, and desire for high quality experiences at its core. Droog stands for a luxury of content rather than luxurious materials. Whether it is authenticity, humour, slowness, affordability, or nature, the abundance of what is scarce has always been our luxury.
Droog at home is Amsterdam, home to our flagship store and office, including Factory & outlet, Creative agency and the Lab. From this base we operate worldwide with partners, clients, manufacturers and designers to develop products, projects, and presentations & events that change perspective on daily life, informed by the local context, yet in relation to urgencies on a global scale. Droog New York is more than a store; it is at the same time a gallery in which all items are for sale, including pieces of its interior, in custom shapes and materials for the home interiors of the United States and Canada. Droog also has a store in Tokyo, and distributes the Droog collection with partners in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.




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