Cosmo Massage Chair

Czerwiec 5, 2010

The design teams at Keyton and Giugiaro Design have pooled their talent to predict the future of massage chairs and have come up with the amazing Cosmo. The experience gained over more than 20 years, developing the most sophisticated and exclusive products for companies such as Fiat Engineering, Bridgestone, Fiera di Milano, LG Electronics, JVC, Nikon, Siemens, Samsonite, Seiko and Telecom, to name but a few, has culminated in this latest work of art in the world of massage chairs… the Keyton Cosmo. This model’s style combines the sense of harmony provided by its curved arms with a sportier look, creating a unique elegance that satisfies even the most demanding customers. The curved lines of the backrest, continuing the flowing lines of the curved arms, give a feeling of maximum comfort and visual beauty. The combination of colours, the finest grain leather and textured finishes provide the ideal finishing touches to this massage chair, which since its conception has become a real technological gem.



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